Is IKEA even real


Is IKEA even real

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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

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Pencil, Ink and Gouache on Paper by Moises Mahiques


she loves flowers

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Alone Together- Issue’s 1 and 2 (written by Matt Romano), 2002.

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It seems like many people think that if you drive yourself crazy, then you can write. I’m absolutely not interested in that. It made sense to me to be as whole and well as I could be, and as happy. I wanted to see what a fortunate life would produce. What writing would come out of a mind that didn’t try to torment itself? What did I have to know? What did I have to do rather than what can I torment and bend myself into doing? What was the fruit on that tree?

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Drowners @ The Surf Lodge

Montauk, NY

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